Analgesics and anesthetics during peripartum period


Our focus in KuBiCo–project is to evaluate the fetal and newborn effects of analgesics and anesthetics given for parturient during peripartum period. Maternal pharmacokinetics and –dynamics of different compounds used for pain relief and anesthesia will be measured. Fetal and newborn exposure will be estimated based on the drug concentrations in the placental venous and arterial blood. Pharmodynamic effects of these compounds on newborns will be tested with a comprehensive neurological and adaptive capacity evaluation, and by recording amplitude integrated EEG. All these measures are painless for newborn.

Group leader, Hannu Kokki, Prof.
University of Eastern Finland,
School of Medicine
Department of Anesthesia and Operative Services
Kuopio University Hospital PO Box 1627,
70211 Kuopio, Finland
email: hannu.kokki (at)
tel: +3587174654


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