Katri Backman and Raimo Voutilainen conduct the pediatric follow-up study. We will survey the health of the children by annual questionnaires. Our aim is to study the association of pregnancy conditions (for example smoking) and microbe exposure in infancy with health and morbidity of the subjects in later childhood, adolescence and adulthood. We will investigate also the effects of pre-eclampsia and birth size of the children (SGA, small for gestational age; LGA, large for gestational age) on later health, diseases, and disease risks of the subjects; the last ones include the risk factors associated with adult cardiovascular diseases. The multidisciplinary KuBiCo project and its network will offer excellent possibilities to study the associations of nutrition and environmental exposures during pregnancy and early childhood with childhood growth, development and diseases in later life. The project can shed light on the etiology and pathogenesis of the most common developmental and health problems of childhood, for example overweight and obesity, asthma, allergy, cryptorchidism, ADHD, and diabetes.

Katri Backman, specialist in pediatrics
Raimo Voutilainen, professor in pediatrics, chief physician
Institute of Clinical Medicine / pediatrics
Faculty of Health Sciences and
Kuopio University Hospital, Department of Pediatrics


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